From Camp 2 at the foot of the glacier, traverse directly to White Rocks and head down. (as my friend found out). The following is what I use as a guide for doing the False Polish route. You're supposed to use the bag as the only alternative for a toilet and if you're doing your business in nature and are spotted by the guards there is a $100 fine. Les treks andins et, a fortiori, l´ascension de sommets (l´Aconcagua culmine à 6 960 mètres) exposent aux risques de l' « andinisme », version locale de l'alpinisme, mêmes précautions donc que celles détaillées dans « Santé des voyageurs ». After the summit, going down through the fresh snow was pretty cool, though route finding becomes more difficult and dangerous of avalanche grows. Validity of the permits (as from the date of access to the Park) Validity of the permits Climbing 20 days. Our Aconcagua trek was rewarding and of a great experience. They are all about the same. This amazing place combines the old grandeur of Argentina with ultra-modern facilities. On la nomme parfois à tort route Nord alors qu’en fait elle est plutôt Nord-Ouest. In 2008 a steak dinner with wine can cost $10.00 USD at a sidewalk restaurant. My suggestion would be to try it out at home before you head to altitude so you will get to know the symptoms and side effects beforehand. The next camp, Camp 2 is at 19,200 feet approx. Let them know what you want to pay and they will take you to the corresponding hotel or hostel. It is also a very big push from basecamp at 13,500 feet and can break a lot of people. Aconcagua from 2.5 hours out of Plaza Argentina, LOW SEASON: From November 15th to December 14th 2018 and from February 21st to April 30th 2019, Normal Route/Plaza des Mulas (Horcones Valley). There is a lot of suspicion of counterfeit bills especially 100 US. They will allow you to store gear at the hotel and understand climbers' needs (ie will help you get in touch with mule providers). If it's useful to you, paypal me a couple bucks: We took advantage of this to give you special benefits, so you can prepare body and mind to be ready to challenge on the mountains, soon! Then you will return to the park office and get your ´climbing permit´.The whole process takes one or two hours now, more with high season line ups. If the symptoms persist or get worse, you should descend to a lower elevation. Permits are sold EXCLUSIVELY at SUBSECRETARÍA DE TURISMO på San Martín 1143. These were packed at the bottom of my bag under everything and looked like a hassle to get to and open. The route goes through the center of the great wall of 2800m and end in the Southwest Ridge, very close to the Southern Summit. The maximum stay is 20 days with ascent permit. Water sources on the walk into Plaza Argentina can be few and far between. If you lose it he won't sign your permit. Alpine Trekking, 7summits Aconcagua trip, Aymara Adventures and Expeditions info@aconcaguaaymara.comAddress: 735 España Avenue -Mendoza- ArgentinaPhone: (++54) (261) 424 4773From London, the Uk - +442071930268From San Diego, California, the USA – +16195734062, Ganesh Adventures Aconcagua trip Pack 1 for walk-inThree Breakfasts(Pampa Lenia)(Casa Piedra)(Horse Fly/Intermediate camp), Three Lunches and Snacks(way to Pampa Lenia)(way to Casa Piedra)(at Horse Fly/Intermediate camp), Three Dinners(Pampa Lenia)(Casa Piedra)(Horse Fly/Intermediate camp), Supplemented by fresh produceBread or rollsSummer sausageCheeseHard-boiled eggsOranges and Apples, Pack 2 BasecampThree Breakfasts(Basecamp)(Basecamp)(Basecamp), Three Lunches and Snacks(on carry to camp one)(on carry to camp one)(at camp one), Three Dinners(Basecamp)(Basecamp)(Basecamp), Pack 3 Camp 1Three Breakfasts(Camp one)(Camp one)(Camp one), Three Lunches and Snacks(on carry camp two)(on carry camp two)(on move to camp two), Three Dinners(Camp one)(Camp one)(Camp one), Pack 4 Camp 2Three breakfasts(Camp two rec)(Camp two summit)(Camp two descend day), Three Lunches and Snacks(on rec to Independencia)(on summit day)(on summit or decend), Three Dinners(Camp two)(Camp two summit)(Camp two summit day 2), Pack 5 WalkoutOne breakfast (Casa Piedra), Two Lunches, Snacks(on walk to Casa Piedra)(on walk out to road), One DinnerDinner for one night (Casa Piedra). What are the 7 highest summits in the world? Throw garbage along the park, leave or do not use the numbered plastic bags provided by the park. Until July, don't count on snow bridges to cross the rivers lower in the valley. It is the altitude that poses the biggest problem. Even if you’re in excellent shape, don’t be fooled. Are you ready to climb the highest peak in america? MulesEach mule can only take 60 kilos (two 30 kilo bags balanced). Ask for early booking special price. This turned out to be all nonsense. But if you like the finer things in life and can afford it. Heartfelt thanks !! You will be charged two days in and one day back for the walk in in the normal route. Thanks again and cheers William, Classic easement Aconcagua Trek As an alternative, consider camping at Camp Coléra. My friends group was charged for 4 mules even though only 3 were sent and used. The reason given so far is the perserve this unspoiled portion of the mountain. You will urinate more frequently so getting out of the tent at night in a storm could be a problem (if you don’t use a pee bottle). Ideal for groups that need an exclusive guided expedition with the most professional guides! For example, the A Culinary and Cultural Guide to Aconcagua, 80,000 Footfalls - Climbing the Aconcagua, 10 L'ascension de l'Aconcagua, effectuée en 13 jours par Katia, est connue pour son exigence physique et mentale. View Aconcagua Image Gallery - 1063 Images. You can always use the restaurants' toilet if you are giving them some business. I must thank the entire team and a big thanks to the porters who were the greatest strength to carry our essentials all through the paths to the Aconcagua summit. The people that were searched had packed their food in clear plastic making the customs agent job too easy. How can I forget to mention the balanced walking tour, covered with an impressive environment and the campfire under the Starlit night skies? There is a larger flat area down to the right as you enter camp 2. EXCLUSIVE. From here you can go up the Polish Glacier or traverse over to the normal route at Independcia (21,500) and up to the summit. There are toilets at Pampa Lena (flush! You can also get white gaz easily. But will take extra energy carrying all your gear over the traverse and setting up another camp. Local brochure has a list of waypoints. Do not take more than prescribed (some people get really sick), while I avoid taking it, many people find it helps them. There is a good chance that you will have all meat and dairy products from your expedition food confiscated upon entering Chile. As I was going to high camp, I was the only one in the park, quite an exclusive experience! But a word of caution. Danger of avalanche is huge then. PRIVATE EXPEDITIONS. Climbing Aconcagua (6961m) is a major goal and a dream for mountaineers from all over the world. Their Guides were amazing- A+ for their skill, knowledge, cheerfulness, great narrator, and being all-round good company. Physical fitness, as mentioned above, is no guarantee against developing altitude sickness. On the Normal and Polish Traverse routes there are no permanent snowfields, but crampons and ice axe may still be required in some sections. Hundred of people climb aconcagua every year and we have private or scheduled expeditions for you to climb one of the seven summits. Then it's up to camp one at approx 16,200 feet. --Goethe, FIRST ASCENT OF THE "VIA DE LOS GUIAS MENDOCINOS", Routes Not including tents and communal gear. [InkaReserva idioma=”en” tipo=”Expedicion” ruta=”normal” temporada=”2019-2020″ moneda=”dolar”][/InkaReserva], ENTER HERE TO WATCH MORE MESSAGES FROM OUR FRIENDS, What are the 7 highest summits in the world? You would probably have three muleteers. Take a day or two before beginning the walk in to acclimatize yourself to the elevation. Guide francophone à Buenos Aires Ouvert par Jacqueline4597 - Dernier message le 18/10/2018 à 03:11. Do not use the baths provided by the park. High altitudes are stressful on the body, and lack of oxygen up high can produce slightly debilitating effects, such as fatigue, headaches, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, nausea, and a drunken gait. Once the symptoms disappear, it’s safe for you to continue. Go beyond the limits of the length of the stay allowed in the permit or go higher than 4300 mts with short trekking (3 days), long trekking (7 days). This should not take to long as the staff are normally pretty used to their jobs and are usually pleasent. This will also necessitate you drinking more fluids to compensate. Here is a Map of the City of Mendoza Mendoza map. This will allow you to keep your food, get your permits, possibly see Aconcagua from the air as they fly close to it at times, and save the 100-140$ U.S. tax Chile imposes on Canadians and other nationalities. Costs have gone up. (4), Images Check the official Parque Provincial Aconcagua website for current prices. Indubitably, you will get a complete inspiring, absorbing, heightened fun-filled walk and super support system that further alleviates your journey with logistical responsibilities. Government and park officials indeed don't encourage this.  More Trip Reports, Aconcagua Expedition Planning Information - Polish Routes, How to climb Aconcagua like an alpinist? More serious levels of the illness include increasing tiredness, severe headaches, vomiting, and loss of coordination, and are indicative of acute mountain sickness (AMS). If someone staggers or walks in a drunken gait, check them out for further signs of AMS. Among the items taken were believe it or not..gummy bears. Tough days, relaxing days. The Argentine Peso was devalued several years ago between 50-60%. There are prescription drugs out there that you can take for severe symptoms. Juan B Justo 345 Mendoza, Argentina Basecamps are dirty places and while the food providers do their utmost to keep things sanitary slip-ups do happen. As well as all the garbage including fuel canisters you have used up to base camp and above that you have to bring out with you. This is a good acclimatization stop but has limited space sometimes. © 2006-2020 FIRST ASCENT OF THE TWO SUMMITS IN ONE DAY. Take a towel and light shoes! Every year people die because they underestimate the task at hand. Argentine citizens are entitled to a 50% discount on the above prices. I never doubt to work with any other. Surefire signs of impending illness include extreme fatigue, headache, loss of appetite, and shortness of breath. GPS can be a help. The above pricing was what I could gather from the internet on November 22, 2016. The See if your hotel will give you a better room rate depending on what currency you will be paying in. Camps 1 and 2 are not huge and space can be an issue at times. Explore the culture and foothill of the highest mountain in the world on this adventure of a lifetime! The highest walk across the globe, the trip to Aconcagua is just a test to try out aptitude for altitude. Formerly the Plaza Hotel. There are restrictions regarding the access of MINORS to the Park: they will have to exhibit pertinent authorization signed by both parents and certified by Public Notary or their respective Consulate or Embassy. A permit must be purchased in Mendoza or at the Park Rangers’ Shelter in Horcones Valley. Cache these smaller bags which should freeze overnight. These Food tents are usually available starting mid-December. You can always call the hotel at Penitentes from the truck customs building at the mouth of the Vacas. They confiscated some food items such as peanuts and items that had been repacked not in the original packaging. But it is more exposed, so you had better make your tent extra bombproof. Some people continue up to Nido des Condores (approx 18,000 feet) which is a large area but can be very exposed to the wind and elements. (155), Additions & Corrections So have the number tucked away. Go at your own pace, and don’t take chances. Join this special expedition with women from all over the world. Ascension de l'Aconcagua (Argentine). If you are entering Chile by bus this will not apply. The US dollar is widely accepted everywhere, rates of exchange as of 16,01,06 is 3 pesos for each USD. Guide BookAconcagua, a climbing guide by R.J.Secor, (1994), Video"Aconcagua: The Roof of the Americas" from Media Ventures, A brief description of 33 routes is available on Aconcagua Expeditions website, 7summits Guidebook Ive updated the information with what they charge non-Argentines and non-South Americans and added a link to the pdf which explains the cost for all supported and unsupported. La première hivernale solitaire de la face Sud est l'œuvre du guide japonais Tsuneo Hasegawa . La voie normale de l’Aconcagua est le chemin le plus simple qu’offre le massif pour son ascension. Day fourteen-walk out to the highway at mouth of the Rio Vacas have you pick up scheduled in advance and have the rangers confirm it if possible. There is a hostel next door next to the gas station where the food is good and beds (bunkbeds) are cheaper but you could be 6 to a room. Take your hiking shoes with Acomora, and you will be fascinated by seeing Horcones valley and relaxing ambiance of the base camp. Hotel Nutibara2005 HABITACION SINGLE DOBLE (Single-double room)ALTA ESTÁNDAR $ 110 $ 150 ($=Argentine Pesos, upper standard room)BAJA ESTANDAR $ 99 $ 135 ($=Argentine Pesos, lower standard room)ALTA MASTER $ 125 $ 170 ($=Argentine Pesos, upper double bedroom)BAJA MASTER $ 112 $ 150 ($=Argentine Pesos, lower double bedroom), 2005 HABITACION SINGLE DOBLE (Single double room)ALTA ESTÁNDAR U$ 38 U$ 52 (Upper standard room US $)BAJA ESTANDAR U$ 34 U$ 47 (Lower standard room US $) ALTA MASTER U$ 43 U$ 59 (Upper double bed room US $)BAJA MASTER U$ 39 U$ 53 (Lower double bed room US $). Trekking this whimsical mountain, Aconcagua needs more than well stratagem with following the plan in total acquiescence. Be it Valle de las Vacas, and the Valle de los Horcones through Polish Glacier Traverse Route or explore spectacular views and extreme spots through Route Guanacos Route and Polish Glacier Route. It means you have to do a carryover of everything, but you get to see both sides of the mountain and can be out from high camp in 2 days. The next chore then is organizing your food into logical packs for transporting to base camp and each of the higher camps. I would like to thank and recommend them due to their very well organized plan. One less issue if traveling via Santiago... That's good to know. Exceptional and stunning vistas- Aconcagua trek So we would have had to bring all that extra gear up and over the mountain. I surely recommend them for your Aconcagua trek, or climb as they are experienced to take you to any level. Horcones ranger station open daily from 8 A.M. - 6 P.M. Day one- End of Vacas valley-Pampa laina (8,200 ft), Day five- Carry a load to camp 1 (16,200 ft), Day eight- Carry to camp 2 (19,200 ft) (high camp), Day eleven- walk to 21,500 feet Independencia to understand the route. Note: Add extra summit days for bad weather. Go slowly and without exertion, and ideally while it’s light outside. food for 12-15 days. Depuis PLaza de mulas nous partons pour l'ascension de Cerro Bonete (5004m). Hi Thanks. Hauling loads up to Camp 1 on the False Polish route. In January 7-10, 2008 the Caneleta had hardpacked snow with some icy sections that were easily cramponed making the top section much quicker (in relative terms). La première ascension solitaire intégrale de la face Sud de l'Aconcagua a été réussie par le guide français Ivano Ghirardini en 1981, en trois jours et demi. (229), Comments Here are breakfast, lunch and dinner suggestions, BreakfastBag of cerealMilk powderBox of raisinsSmall tinned fruitPiece of cheeseHot chocolate or coffee or teaBreakfast bargranola, Lunches Granola barChocolate barBag of mixed nutsPiece of cheeseCrackersTin of salmon or tuna or ham or sardinesCookiesJuice crystals, DinnerCup of soup(s)Japanese noodlesFreeze-dried dinnerTin or foil pouch of beansSmall tinned fruitCookiesTea or Hot chocolate, SnacksGranola barChocolate barPeanut Butter tubesBag of mixed nutsPiece of cheeseCookiesDried apricots or similarPringles chipsHoney tubesPower barsCliff barsSqueeze gels (Energy), Local food for the walk to base campBread or rollsSummer sausageCheeseHard-boiled eggsOranges and Apples. You can then double bag these in the numbered bag for safer transportation to base camp. For example, theAconcagua mountain page has the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits' asparents and is a parent itself to many routes, photos, and Trip Reports. Day thirteen- descend to base camp then arrange mules with the rangers for your gear and walk out to Casa Piedra to spend the night. The 'Normal Route' is non-technical - a walk-up, following the Northwest Ridge. Reach the highest peak of Europe and explore the culture of western Russia and travel into the Caucasus Mountains. Our first trek trip and prepared for the next with ACOMORA ACONCAGUA EXPEDITION and recommend anyone considering the MONT ACONCAGUA trek "just do it"- with them. Trekking and tourism agencies are not authorized anymore to get the climbing permits for visitors as it was in the past. Therefore I was the mule myself, carrying 32 kilo's. On the Normal route, a two-day walk (overnight at Confluencia) will get you to a large basecamp (Plaza de Mules 13,500 feet approx). (9,200 ft), Day two- Confluencia to base camp. Try to bring down bills that are as new as possible. Exceptional tour plan and my thanks to their wonderful guides for their care and kitchen prowess. This bag will be your companion all the time on the higher reaches of Aconcagua and if you lose it you have to pay a $200 fine. This section deals with the two most traveled, The Normal Route and the Polish Traverse. There are many groups that guide Aconcagua here are just a few. The price of admittance is the price charged during the high season even if the rescuing service is not provided. In February things may work better or worse. Perhaps it was just a bad year for them. The group made the summit however and everyone was happy about that.